When I took my son to his first session with Sue, I had no idea what to expect from the process or what to hope for with respect to results. What happened and continues to happen is that we no longer have miserable homework battles. My son is learning faster, more readily and his attitude towards school is improving.

Before BIT, my son had not read more than a few pages of any book that he picked up from Kindergarten through 4th grade. We worked with Sue during the summer between 4th and 5th grade. I am happy to say he has read and enjoyed 7 books in the first semester of 5th grade! He reads to himself and he reads out loud, unheard of prior to BIT. This is a huge and significant improvement for him. More than success in school he is identifying personal, sometimes emotional issues and working toward solid, sensible solutions.

It is an amazing thing to watch as he blossoms into a more confident, happy young man. I used to wonder why we were having such a hard time helping him to learn, when at the same time he was smart enough to take apart his bike and put it back together. I felt like he just wasn’t “getting it”.

Now I know those connections in his brain just weren’t happening.

BIT has helped our family life be what it is supposed to be and I couldn’t be happier.


Parker, Colorado

I must admit I didn’t know much about Kinesiology before I met Sue. After doing some research and talking with Sue, I decided to give it a try with my daughter. At the time, she was a preteen and was struggling with some anxieties. She had a really hard time handling and working through certain situations. From the minute my daughter met Sue she made her feel very comfortable and put her at ease. She took the time to answer questions and explain what she was doing and why. And now looking back I can’t say I saw one day or moment that changed my daughter, but now she definitely is doing so much better. Now, when she is faced with issues that cause her anxiety she handles them so differently due to Sue’s personalized integration and technique. My daughter can now work through things with more confidence and self-assurance. I see her working through things easier and problem-solving a lot better. Sue definitely helped my daughter in more ways than one.

L. G.

Parker, Colorado

When my first child was born, and he would become ill, I would take him to the doctor. They would prescribe an antibiotic for his ailments, especially ear infections. My second son came two years later, and at 5 months was diagnosed with “baby asthma” with a whole new set of medications. Finally after getting tired of putting my kids on some type of medicine every few months, my mother-in-law suggested I visit a chiropractor who practiced Applies Kinesiology. Through muscle testing and nutrition we were able to help my children completely overcome ear infections, allergies and asthma altogether. I’ve since had two more children and with my new knowledge have kept all my children healthy and free of ear infections and allergies. I have always been very grateful for this chiropractor and his knowledge of Applied Kinesiology and alternative medicine. When Sue Preston began talking about the work she was studying called Brain Integration Technique, she immediately caught my interest. She explained how the work used kinesiology or muscle testing to help strengthen the mind and correct learning or behavioral disorders. I was amazed! If Applied kinesiology could help make a body whole and healthy, why shouldn’t it help with one’s brain as well? I asked her if she would be willing to work on one of my sons who struggled in school, and possibly myself and my husband who struggles with concentration, organizational skills and memory. After only a few sessions with Sue, I was able to notice a great difference in  my performance at work. I am able to think more clearly about what needs to be done and feel calmer and less stressed under pressure.. My co-workers actually noticed the difference before I did and asked” Wow Heidi what has happened to you ?”when I was all prepared for the day instead of frantically running about. It was then that I realized how BIT had helped me out. The changes happen so naturally that you may not even notice the difference. It’s as if you had it in you the whole time. BIT just helps you to use more of your own abilities.

My father became ill and passed away during my BIT sessions. It was a very stressful time of travelling, making arrangements and emotionally supporting family members. My sisters and co-workers commented on how calm I was and able to handle the stress. I can say that if it wasn’t for Sue’s work I don’t know how well I would have been able to handle it all.

My husband. who was integrated with Sue has also noticed a difference in his life. He is more able to keep the stress of work from interfering with his job performance, and is able to concentrate better. Two of my sons have done sessions with Sue and are doing better in school, both in concentration and focus. Like I said it is a very natural process. You are not all of the sudden smarter, you just have the ability to use your mind better and to its fullest potential. I also don’t fall asleep when I read, which I used to do before my BIT sessions.

Sue is very professional and personable. She makes you feel very comfortable during her sessions. I would highly recommend her skills to help anyone who would like to  use their mind to their fullest potential and feel more successful in their lives. I am grateful to her every day for helping myself, as well as my family members to live a higher quality of life.


Parker, Colorado