• writing skills
  • test anxiety
  • reading comprehension
  • behavior problems relating to learning difficulties
  • math comprehension
  • difficulty following or giving directions or instructions
  • impulsivity, impatience or restlessness
  • avoidance behaviors
  • anxiety

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BIT opens up blockages that prevent proper flow of blood in the brain and resets the brain's normal information processing and problem solving machinery. It utilizes the electromagnetic flow of information in the brain, ensuring that the information that comes in through the eyes and ears goes to the correct location in the brain with the right sequence and timing. BIT establishes connections that may have been previously disconnected and restores access to the functional areas of the brain.

                                                   Susan McCrossin A.P.

                                                "Breaking the Learning Barrier"

​Who can benefit from BIT ​?

The human brain is an amazing and complex system, whose function can be compromised by a wide range of stressors. emotional trauma, genetics, physical injury or environmental factors which are all capable of reducing the brain's ability to operate optimally and efficiently. Depending on the level of stress and the individual's reaction to it, the brain may produce blockages of blood flow that would result in loss of organization and synchronization of brain function.

BIT is a revolutionary stress management therapy that is designed to get to the root of the problems, helping to relieve stress and improving performance, behavior and aptitude.


  • hand-eye coordination
  • balance and concentration
  • self-confidence
  • gross and fine motor skills

  Crossinology's Brain Integration  

         Technique or BIT

Brain Integration Technique® developed by Susan McCrossin and Dr. Charles Krebs is a drug-free, non-invasive therapy that permanently improves the flow of information in the brain. It will reduce or eliminate ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties optimizing brain function in children and adults.


  • organizational skills
  • multi-tasking and focus
  • public speaking
  • anger management
  • problem solving
  • budgeting time
  • eye strain
  • memory issues
  • anxiety